Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tony Gurr Blog Response

       A couple of days ago in Humanities class we took a look at Tony Gurr's motivation blog.  This wasn't your regular blog with a whole bunch of writing and maybe one picture here and there. This blog was very different and unique. It had pictures everywhere! And it didn't have very many words, only a few to accompany the picture. I liked that he was being different by changing the usual boring, all writing blog into a picture blog. This made his blog a lot more appealing and it made me want to keep scrolling down to see what else he had and what other ideas he was coming up with.

       Making your writing and blogging "different" is a very good way of getting it noticed and getting people to read it, but of course you'd have to make it a good "different" and not a bad one. Making your writing unique will want to make people read more and more because it's different it's not the same as everyone else. This is what Tony did he decided to be different from everyone else by making a blog with very meaningful pictures with very few words. I think that this worked out very well for him because I like the picture blog a lot more than a blog with just writing.  I think this was one of the coolest blogs that I've ever seen, it was unique, it had very good posts and it was appealing.  The best part is he has the perfect amount of writing not too much and not too little.

         Another great thing that made this blog so good was his style of writing. The way he wrote on this blog was like he was talking to you, this made home connect to you even more. It was almost like you we're having a conversation with him and he knew what you were thinking. It made me keep reading more and more. The pictures also made you think of how it connected with the words which I found helped enhance the blog. Also almost  everything that he was saying I could somehow relate to which helps us teens a lot, because when we see relatable things it makes us want to read it, oppose to something that we can't relate to. Tony did a good job on luring me in and I'm sure a lot of other people.

         Altogether this was the best blog that I've ever seen, and I hope that Tony keeps on posting so I can follow what he has to say because its very interesting.  I like the setup of the blog, the writing format and the pictures he's got the whole package! Keep up the work Tony!

Tony Gurr Reflection Post

             I really like Tony's blogging style. In fact, I think his style is amazing. The visuals that he put on his post was not just a picture related to his sentences, but the visual images that he had had words which was also a message for us along with his sentences. It was totally impossible to get bored while reading his post because since the visuals also had a deep, specific messages to us and there were at least one of them in each paragraphs. I have to say, the visuals just really hooked me and lead me to scroll down his blog and read even more of his posts because they kept on coming.

            Tony's point was very appealing to me because I had the exact same thought as him and I totally agreed with his opinion, too. People can't motivate us to study on certain courses that we just don't like. The picture that said "When we catch fish, we don't bait with what the fishermen likes, but what fish likes." If we don't like what we are doing, it is impossible for us to do good on that, or even like it because we just hate doing that certain thing. For an example, sometimes in classes, I have my days when I just get really lazy and bored so I just can't focus on my work that I am supposed to do. Although I really like what I am doing, I just don't feel like doing it no matter how easy the worksheet is. Also, let's say there's a student who hates math. Even if we give him the easiest math questions in the world, he won't solve it not because he can't, but because he doesn't want to. When teachers give him math worksheets for homework, he will have to do it no matter how much he hates math but when he is free and he had an option of doing things, he would never choose to do a math worksheet. It is just impossible to force other people to like doing certain things. They have to realize the joy of doing that first before they do it. If they don't like to do that thing, they will have to find something else that they like doing.

            Also, when there is a super long double block period and students have to work on worksheets all day, it's just not fun. But for students who like doing that, they want to do even quadraple block periods on that same class. Although for students who don't like doing that, it is a torture which feels like years but for students who love doing that, it feels so good to do it and the time goes so fast for them. Just think of it as this way. Say that you are having a party for 8 hours straight. That time would go so fast and you would have so much fun that you won't even realize that much time had passed. But say that you hate science and you have to do a worksheet about that for just 2 hours straight. You probably can't endure it and it would feel like years.

         In conclusion, I agree with Tony's point on how it is not possible for other people to try to motivate us to like doing something. We have to realize the joy of doing it. If we can't we find something else that we like doing.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Defintion Poem

It can soar through the air at great speeds,
This thing a lot bigger than beads.
Hitting the palm of your hand,
And bouncing in the sand.
Flying over the fence,
But only costing a couple cents.
Coming in all the same size,
Getting hit may cause you to cry.
Getting through all the different weather,
This thing is made of leather.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Definition Poem

What are -------
Creepy crawly hairy things,
They can be black and brown,
It lives in dark places.
They sometimes live in trees
They can be squashed easily
They have eight legs
They can eat bees
It can fly by its thread
What is this creature?